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Native American Arts and Crafts
Indianische Kunst aus dem Südwesten der USA

Eddie Two Moons Chavez (Chiricahua Apache Artist)

Bild vom Künstler
  • Geboren am 7. Oktober 1953

  • 1982 erster Absolvent indianischer Abstammung am "Gemological Institute of America"

  • Staatlich geprüfter Gutachter für Edelsteine

  • Seit 1984 Mitglied der American Gem Society

  • Mitglied in SWAIA - Southwestern American Indian Artist (SWAIA = Veranstalter des Santa Fe Indian Market)

  • Mitglied der NAC (Native American Church)

  • Mitglied des 6-köpfigen Stammesrates der Chiricahua Apachen

  • Bassist in zwei Rockbands in Albuquerque

  • Born on 7. october 1953

  • Graduate of Gemological Institute of America. First Native American graduate 1982

  • Certified Gemologist appraiser

  • 1984 American Gem Society

  • Designer for Sun Bell inc 1969 - 1971

  • Free lance jeweler in the early seventys

  • Designed for Mindlin Jewelers, Albuquerque, from 1975 - 1989

  • 1989 - present, Gold and Silver Custom Jeweler

  • Lifetime member: Gemological Institute of America

  • Apache Nation cultural & Historical Organization

  • Native American Church of North America

  • Member of SWAIA, Southwestern American Indian Artists

  • Chiricahua Apache Alliance Tribal Council Member

Bild vom Armreifen Twenty yards up the hill from his home, Edward Two Moons sits as the sun slowly streaks the plains of Albuquerque below him. From this vantage point his day begins as one of New Mexico´s premier jewelry craftsman. The ritual of morning thought and ancient prayers began well over 30 years ago as a designer for Sun Bell Incorporated in 1969. Even as a young man Eddie knew that his designs would always come from his heart and spirit.
Eddie has always been one to follow that spirit, he left Sun Bell in 1971 to create and design his own work as any young man would whose heart is filled with optimism, and for four years he practiced and perfected his craft on his own terms. From 1975 - 1989 he designed for the renown Mindlin Jewelers in Albuquerque, all the while the dream of creating his own work ever so quietly stirred in his mind. It was during this time Eddie became a certified gemologist accompanied with the accolades of his industry. Bild vom Anhänger
Opportunity came in 1989 when he purchased the Gold and Silver Exchange, giving him the income necessary to provide for his family and at the same time, the ability to practice his craft on his terms. Those terms have always been simple, conceive in the heart, visualized in the mind, crafted with the hands, for a one of a kind creation that will always stand the test of time.
Eddie sold the Gold and Silver Exchange in 2004, thus allowing him to concentrate fully on his art and craft. Today people around the globe view his web site to experience Native American Jewelry in its purist form. No mass market, one of a kind, and more importantly, from the spirit.